How did we achieve, what we believe to be the best line of mouthpieces on the market today?

It took a professional trumpet player with a lifetime of playing experience, with credentials like; Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr., Wayne Newton and many more. In addition to over 25 years of CNC machining experience, as well as a profound knowledge with engine performance, from years of building and racing race cars. And later, a life threatening motorcycle accident that left part of his face paralyzed to the point he was almost forced to quit playing the trumpet. With that formula, we got the drive and determination needed to design the best line of mouthpieces that could only be perfected by a machinist, who is also a professional trumpet player.

We take great pride in making a difference in our clients abilities and we’d love the opportunity to help better your performance. We believe that with our line of Xstream trumpet mouthpieces, we can do just that. So if you’re looking for a more dynamic sound, range and professional performance, then give us a shot.                                                                                                                                                                  

We believe that our mouthpiece is the best trumpet mouthpiece available. Yes, that’s a pretty bold opinion.  That’s not just our opinion, it’s the opinion of many. We’re so confident that we have a 30 day 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE RETURN POLICY.

Our Xstream mouthpieces are the only trumpet, flugelhorn and in the future, and trombone mouthpiece of their kind. Because of our patented “Power Chamber” design and our unique sound targeted backbores. Our mouthpieces are the first to really challenge the old school mentality when it comes to the inside of the mouthpiece. Or as we like to say, the first to really “Think outside the Bachs.”

Our mouthpieces were designed to deliver you more power while allowing you to use less effort. Designed to help improve your upper register. Designed to better your flexibility while playing, and to increase your endurance helping you play stronger from start to finish.


We’ve kept it a secret for quite some time, but now as we get closer to completion we’re ready to let you know.

We have been developing our very own Xstream trumpet. We are excited about this venture as this horn will be much different than every trumpet you’ve seen before.


We also carry CarolBrass trumpets, flugelhorns and the very popular CarolBrass pocket trumpet. It’s said to be the best pocket trumpet in the world. If we don’t have the CarolBrass horn you are looking for on our site, we can get it. Not only will we match any other dealers price, we’ll beat it by giving you a free trumpet mouthpiece with any CarolBrass trumpet purchase. Including the pocket trumpet and we’ll give you a free flugelhorn mouthpiece or a trumpet mouthpiece with every CarolBrass flugelhorn purchase.

If you have any questions about a mouthpiece or a horn, please give us a call or send us an email. Thanks again for visiting.